Young Child's Medical Alert Bangle Bracelet - child's first medical alert bracelet

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Custom child's medical alert bangle bracelet hand stamped on a beautiful bangle made of Sterling Silver. 1/4" wide. I can do small and bigger sizes for older children with small wrists too.

Add a charm to this bracelet by adding one of these to your cart. 

The fourth picture shows my son at age 5 wearing a bracelet made at 5.5". All my stamped jewelry is done by hand and so there will be some slight variations in alignment, spacing and depth. I try to make everything as even, straight and centered as I can however this is a hand stamped item, not done by machine. Most people understand and like that however if you need everything exact, hand stamped items may not be for you.

I suggest putting a Medical Alert Symbol or the words *Medical Alert* and the person's name on the outside of the bracelet but you can have it made to your specifications.  Please be specific in your order.

Don't know your bracelet size? This style is often worn best about 0.5 inches bigger then the smallest part of your wrist.

Each piece is individually shaped, braided and hand stamped.

Processing Time: From the day I receive your order it takes me up to 5 business days (usually less) to make this item depending on busy I am with orders.