Silver Hand and Footprint Keychain

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Fine silver (.999 FS) actual hand and footprint pendant with name and birthstone on a stainless steel keychain.

You can also choose to have it without the birthstones! Each piece is individually shaped and hand stamped. I can put any name on the pendant and date if you prefer.

The pendant measures about 1.5 inch and is pretty thick so it has a nice weight to it. 

Hand prints can be taken with child safe ink that you can purchase online or from Michael's Art's and crafts. I have been told Walmart has it too. Some people have used paint too.

Stones can be seen in the last picture HOWEVER when embedded into silver they will appear a bit darker and probably a bit duller then in this picture due to the light not being able to flow through it as easily when embedded in silver. 

How to submit your image: Take a clear photo with a smart phone OR scan your image to your computer. (save as a png or jpeg file) Then simply attach them to your order.  

Processing Time: From the day I receive your order it takes me up to 5 business days (usually less) to make this item depending on busy I am with orders.

Fine Silver is MORE pure silver then Sterling Silver. Fine silver is 99.9% silver! Sterling Silver is 92.5% silver (the rest of the percentage is made up of other metals such as copper). If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message.