Medical Alert ID Bracelet - Women, Teens and Children's Sterling Silver Bracelet

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Sterling Silver Medical Alert Bracelet custom made with person's name and severe allergies and or medical conditions on the back.

The bar on this bracelet is about 1/4 inch wide and I use a strong bracelet chain. This bracelet can be single or double lined depending on how much text you need on the back. :) I will do what looks best unless you request otherwise.

I suggest putting Medical Alert and the person's name on the outside of the bracelet but you can have it made to your specifications. If you want a medical alert symbol please be specific.

  • i.e.  Text for the OUTSIDE of the bracelet: (medical alert symbol) Melissa

Don't know your bracelet size? This style is often worn best about 0.5 inches bigger then the smallest part of your wrist.

Each piece is individually shaped, braided and hand stamped.

I add a red stone and medical alert symbol silver charm. There should be something red to make the bracelet stand out a bit if there is an emergency.

Processing Time: From the day I receive your order it takes me up to 5 business days (usually less) to make this item depending on busy I am with orders.