Bronze Fingerprint Impression Keychain - 1 or 2 Prints

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This gorgeous bronze fingerprint keychain features your loved one's fingerprint on the front with name so your unique keychain will keep a piece of your loved one close at all times while keeping you on trend.

Pendant measures approximately 1.5 inch.

Each piece is individually shaped, carved and hand stamped. I can shape the pendant into a different shape if you prefer, such as a circle or heart.


My Complementary Kit:
- These can take up to about 3 weeks to arrive in the USA or about 8 business days in Canada
- Not tracked
- A good option if you are not in a rush
- Comes with enough putty to usually do two fingers

If You Buy Your Own Kit:
- My customers like EasyMold Silicone Putty or Amazing Mold Putty
- Comes with more then enough putty to do lots of tries with lots of fingers with some to spare for another project
- Can usually be bought at Michael's Arts and Crafts Store, Hobby Lobby or through Amazon

Once I receive the mold it will take me 3 business days to make the pendant and then I will ship back the finished product back to you.

If you are getting a younger child's print on a pendant I highly suggest using their thumb print or big toe to get the biggest print and best print impression.

PLEASE NOTE: Infants and young children under 2 years old often have fingerprints that are not as developed or take a good impression as older children and adults so there may not be as much detail, but you will still have a very cute impression of their little finger on your pendant. Each person has a different fingerprint and they also have a different depth to the fingerprint groves. The groves or lack thereof I get in the mold is exactly what is used for this impression into the silver. HOWEVER I have seen decent impressions of children as young as 6 months old! Each person is different.

- TRACKING AND INSURANCE is about 8-12 business days to my American customers *** and about 3-5 business days to my Canadian customers (NOT including weekends and holidays) ON FINAL PRODUCT (not the mold kit)
- TRACKING for all other countries outside Canada and the USA however shipping times vary due to different locations. ON FINAL PRODUCT (not the mold kit)

***SHIPPED CANADA POST*** Canada Post DOES NOT Guarantee shipping times especially for those outside of Canada as packages have to go through customs and CUSTOMS can choose to hold a package up if they so choose and there is nothing anyone can do about it.