Actual Writing Signature and Design on a Silver Rectangle Shape Pendant

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Put a loved ones signature on a fine silver (99.9% silver) rectangle shape pendant.  On the opposite sign you get to choose from one of my many designs (see last image of the listing) This allows to wearer to have the handwriting showing if they want or to keep it secret.  Giving them 2 different necklace designs in one!.

You can purchase the pendant by itself or with a sterling silver rolo chain. I also have the option to put the pendant on a metal keychain. 

Pendant measures APPROXIMATELY 1 to 1.5 inch depending on the handwriting sample and space needed for this pendant.  The shape of the rectangle is normally a thinner shape rectangle however for a few a wider rectangle may be needed to fit the handwriting you want on your rectangle as can be seen in a few of this listing images.

On the side or back will be a very small .999FS stamp to show the quality of the silver.

How to submit your image: Take a clear photo with a smart phone OR scan your image to your computer. (save as a png or jpeg file) Then simply attach them to your order.  You can write your own message or use someone else's writing from a letter or card such as the examples in the pictures. 

At checkout there is a communication box to me.  If you want certain handwriting from the sample(s) you sent me just let me know how you want it worded and I will get it done for you. :)  I will send you a black and white negative through email for you to confirm before I make it.

Processing Time: From the day I receive your order it takes me up to 5 business days (usually less) to make this item depending on busy I am with orders.

Fine Silver is MORE pure silver then Sterling Silver. Fine silver is 99.9% silver! Sterling Silver is 92.5% silver (the rest of the percentage is made up of other metals such as copper). If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message.

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Noralee L.

I got your package today.......and I was beyond impressed........FLOORED would better describe my reaction. I knew they would be good......I just knew it......but oh my good GOD......I had no idea they would be this GREAT!!!! I am floored impressed with have a REAL TALENT in jewelry making.....a GOD-GIVEN talent, I would say. Thank you so very much!! I will be ordering more from you, that is for sure!!!! I tried to write a review including a photo of the fronts of all in a photo of all 6 as well as a photo of the back with all 6 in it as well. Words just can't express how very pleased I am ......I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!! This is what I wrote to the artist after receiving the 6 necklaces we we ordered 2 more